Hugo Boss News Update

Alex Thomson this morning

Hugo Boss is making around 6 knots under engine heading towards Salvador de Bahia, Brazil and has covered 60 miles since they started heading for landfall at about 2230hrs last night. Alex Thomson has spoken with the BBC.

News JAN 15, 2015 11:33

Alex Thomson told the BBC this morning:
" We are about 350 miles east of Brazil, in the middle of the South Atlantic ocean. It was going brilliantly. We had broken the record to Gibraltar and the record to he Equator, and we we were leading the race by a good 60 or 70 miles. We were just completing a sail change, in very moderate conditions. I was on the front of the boat and the forward stay which holds the mast up which has a sail attached, the fitting which rolls the sail - I was actually just looking it at the time - and the piece just broke. I looked up and the sail flew up in the air and the mast kind of hovered for a few seconds. I knew what was going to happen and it just fell into the water.
It is one of those things that happens, but really it shouldn't happen. There is nothing which we could have done about it. It is a metal piece inside a furling drum, it is something which should not have happened.
We have the engine on and are making 6 miles an hour, which is a shame because before, we were making 20kts. We are aiming for Salvador de Bahia and we should be there in 3 days. And when we get there I suspect we will be putting her on a ship, getting her home and building a new mast."
It is terrible news for Pepe and I, we are gutted about it. On the bright side for us we are building a brand new Hugo Boss in Southampton which will be ready in four or five months time. But it is something that you live and learn by. We will pick ourselves up as a team and go out and go out and there and win the Vendee Globe."