A straight ride home?

Things have improved slightly for Jorg Riechers and Sebastien Audigane who are now in a more modest, useable 17kts of ENE'ly breeze now less than 300 miles to the finish line in Barcelona. They should have a good passage now until the final miles when it will get lighter. And since the closed to Cabo Nao their speeds on Renault Captur have risen significantly, now making 10-12kts. They are now expected to reach Barcelona on the morning of Thursday 16th April.
Just under 25 miles off Madeira, Spirit of Hungary are sailing on a course almost directly towards the Straits of Gibraltar. Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman have 14kts of WNW'ly winds which will become more SW for their approach to the Straits.

News APR 14, 2015 16:03