A 40-mile margin, a 38-knot beat

After 96 days of racing, there is just 44 miles separating the fourth and fifth finishers on the leaderboard this morning. One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton and We Are Water continue to face strong upwind conditions in the Alboran Sea of 35-38 knots NNE’ly wind. Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costa last night opted for a course close to the Spanish coast to avoid the worst of the winds and swell, but have now struck out around 60 miles from shore to clear the headland of Cartagena.

News APR 7, 2015 07:37

One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton were sailing at 8-9 knots this morning, with We Are Water officially 44 miles behind (measured to the rhumbline), but at this morning’s 0500hrs update had a slower average pace as Bruno and Willy Garcia ducked and dived to within a mile of the Spanish coast. The two boats are separated by 85 miles on the water, with One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton now just over 300 miles from the finish line.

Renault Captur has seen their averages build to 11 knots since they tacked onto port yesterday evening, with the anticipated northerly shift allowing them to begin their approach to Gibraltar. They are just around 620 miles south-west of Madeira this morning.

Spirit of Hungary also continues to enjoy favourable trade winds, which may veer further right today to allow them faster reaching conditions. They are making consistent 9 knot averages, around 450 miles west of the Cape Verde islands.