Weather forecast 22/03/2015

Working slowly northeast along the Moroccan coast, Cheminees Poujoulat is sailing in light SW winds around the periphery of low pressure over the northern Gulf of Cadiz. Neutrogena has reached the high pressure ridge in the north Atlantic, and tacked east to begin making their reach east in fresh to strong N’ly winds and their approach to the Gibraltar Strait. In the doldrums, We Are Water and One Planet are moving slow, but should break across the northern Doldrums boundary and into the moderate to fresh trade winds of the North Atlantic. Renault Captur has finally broken free of the lighter and more variable conditions they have been dealing with for the last week. They have entered stronger N tending NE winds blowing down the west coast of Brazil. Spirit of Hungary continues to make reasonably good pace, north with moderate to fresh S/SW winds pushing.

Meteo MAR 22, 2015 07:34

*** SYNOPSIS ***

00Z SUNDAY (22-MAR-2015)
1) High (1022mb) near 43S/62W. Low (972mb) near 47S/37W with a cold
front wrapping from 45S/30W to 36S/34W to 30S/44W. A broad flow of
S/SW wind extending from the Falkland Islands north to near 30S behind
the front.
2) South Atlantic high pressure (1025mb) 31S/09W with a ridge extending
west-northwest to 23S/33W. Variable winds south of the ridge west of
30W and south to 30S.
3) North of the ridge, trade winds are generally Níly at 23S veering NE
at 20S ENE at 15S. North of 15S, trade winds generally E/ESE to the
southern doldrums boundary near 4S.
4) Doldrums located from 04S to near the Equator. Light and variable
within the doldrums east of 28W. West of 28S, light SE/E winds.
5) The northern Doldrums boundary between Equator and 01N. NE trades fill
north of 01N and are fresh NEílies between 05N and 13N.
6) High (1028mb) near 37N/34W and a low (1009mb) southwest of the Gulf of
Cadiz centered near 35N/10W. Fresh Níly winds between the low pressure
and high pressure centers.
7) A light SW flow will be along the Moroccan coast just southeast of the
low center. This flow will back to light Síly outside Gibraltar Strait.

00Z MONDAY (23-MAR-2015)
1) Low (1009mb) southeast of Rio near 26S/40W. Fresh Nílies winds east of
the low center to 30W.
2) South Atlantic trade winds north of 20S, strongest between 16S and 07S.
3) Southern doldrums boundary near 03S. Light and variable conditions
within the doldrums north to the equator.
4) North of the Equator, NE trade winds extend north to 30N.
5) High (1031mb) near 38N/33W. Low (1007mb) over southern Portugal.
Strong Níly winds between the low and high south to 30N, between 30W
to near 10W.
6) Light Wíly winds across most of the Gulf of Cadiz south of the
Portuguese low. Light and variable conditions from Gibraltar east
across the Alboran Sea.

00Z TUESDAY (24-MAR-2015)
1) Low (1009mb) near 52S/38W. Front extends from the low to 48S/45W to
41S/62W. Low (1018mb) near 44S/31W.
2) High pressure (1023mb) at 35S/43W with a ridge extending to 42S/26W.
3) Low (1015mb) near 25S/36W, supporting N/NE winds down the southeast
coast of Brazil from Cabo Frio to 16S.
4) Trades veering E north of 16S, and extend north to the southern
doldrums boundary at 05S.
5) A wide doldrums with light and variable wind to the northern boundary
near 01S.
6) North of the Equator, moderate to fresh NNE wind, veering NE by 10N.
7) High pressure (1034mb) 47N/23W with a ridge extending to 37N/32W.
Strong Níly winds east of high backing NW as they flow into the Gulf
of Cadiz.
8) Low (1001mb) over southern Spain, This will support strengthening
winds through Gibraltar Strait.

General Forecast along race route

*** SUNDAY (22-MAR-2015) ***
* 40S to 35S and 45W to 35W *
WIND: S/SW 15-25 gusting 30
SEAS: 2-4m
WEATHER: Cloudy with showers and possibly a few squalls.
* 35S to 30S and 50W to 40W *
WIND: NW 20-30 shifting W/SW 15-25 south to north
SEAS: 2-4m
WEATHER: Cloudy with squalls likely. Some strong squalls are possible.
* 20S to 15S and 37W to 27W *
WIND: N 15-20 tending NE 15-20
SEAS: 1-3m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with scattered showers.
* 00N to 05N and 35W to 25W
WIND: Becoming N/NNE 5-10 at 00N increasing to 10-15 at 05N
SEAS: 1m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with scattered showers and a few thunderstorms.
* 22N to 26N and 35W to 25W *
WIND: NE 10-15. East of 30W, tending NNE/N 15-25.
SEAS: 1-2m increasing 3m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* 25N to 30N and 25W to 15W *
WIND: N 20-25 gusting 30
SEAS: 1-3m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* Moroccan coast to Gibraltar Strait *
WIND: SW 5-10. Light and variable in the strait.
SEAS: Generally 1m or less.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy
* Alboran Sea *
WIND: Light and variable.
SEAS: Flat water less than 1m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy