Weather forecast 13/03/2015

Cheminees Poujoulat is still sailing northwest in moderate NE trade winds. Winds are forecast to veer as they sail further north, allowing freer angles and a more direct northerly course. Neutrogena and GAES Centros Auditivos are still in the SE trades. These increase with distance north, allowing Neutrogena to accelerate a bit away from GAES Centros Auditivos. They are still a couple days from reaching the Doldrums, which are slowly shifting north at the moment. We Are Water and One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton have slowed and are crossing a ridge to leach the W’lies they have sailing in since leaving the Atlantic Ocean in January. They will cross through the ridge and area of light wind in the next day to make their way north toward the trade winds north of about 25S. Renault Captur is back in some stronger winds now that high pressure has moved east of them. They are now sailing east just north of the Falkland Islands. Spirit of Hungary is in moderate to fresh winds as they sail southeast to make their way around Cape Horn in a few days time.

Meteo MAR 13, 2015 05:47

00Z Friday (13-MAR-2015):
1) High pressure (1026mb) near 39S/103W.
2) Low pressure (977mb) near 65S/125W and another (960mb) near 67S/80W.
3) A fresh SWíly holds between the high pressure to the north and low
pressures to the south from 120W to the Chilean coast.
4) High pressure (1021mb) near 52S/44W. Fresh N winds west of the high to
Cape Horn.
5) A stationary front lies southeast off the Brazilian coast from 28W/48S
to 35S/35W to 41S/22W then on southeast as cold front. There will be
multiple waves of low pressure moving southeast along the frontal
boundary. South of the front, SE winds, North of the front NW winds
around the western periphery of the South Atlantic high which will be
east of 30S/00W. A ridge will extend northwest of the high to Vila
Velha on the Brazilian coast.
6) North of the ridge axis, winds veer NE/E to the trade wind direction.
7) The Doldrums will be around 01S to 01N, but do not look particularly
wide or light. A quick transition to NE trade winds north of 01N.
8) The trades are moderate north of the doldrums before becoming fresh
north and west of the Cape Verde Islands.

00Z Saturday (14-MAR-2015)
1) Low pressure will hold south of about 59S in the Pacific. Broad Wíly
flow between 58S and 46S into the Chilean coast. This flow will extend
across Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands.
2) A front will extend north to south from about BA to 52S/50W with NW/N
winds east of the front and SW/W winds west of the front.
3) High pressure (1026mb) near 50S/30W.
4) A stationary front will lie west to east along 31S off the Brazil
coast. NW/W winds north of the front to 26S
5) The Sub-tropical ridge will move to 25S, with a 3-4 deg wide band of
light and variable conditions.
6) E/SE trade winds north of the ridge.
7) The doldrums may be shifting north from 00N to 02N. NE trade winds may
be weakening north of the doldrums, but should be moderate north of

00Z Sunday (15-MAR-2015)
1) Low pressure (973mb) at 54S/96W. A trough axis extends north along 95W
with NW winds east of the trough to near Cape Horn.
2) More low pressure southeast of Cape Horn. There will be strong Wílies
from Cape Horn to south of the Falkland Islands.
3) High pressure (1020mb) will be moving southeast off the Argentinian
coast behind a cold front that will extend from 53S/32W to 44S/38W to
4) High pressure (1029mb) near 45S/16W with a ridge extending northwest
to 34S/46W. NW/N winds between the cold front and ridge. North of the
ridge, Eíly winds extend to 30S, where a stationary front will lie
west to east.
5) A zone of light and variable winds under a broad high pressure between
30S and about 18S. This will be a slow and tricky section for any boat
trying to get north to the trade winds (which will be confined north
of 18S>
6) Moderate E/SE trades from 18S to the doldrums around the Equator. At
the moment, it looks like the doldrums transition will be fairly easy.
7) The NE trade will still be moderate between the northern doldrums
boundary and abut 25N. However, there will be a trend toward easing
winds in the northern Hemisphere trade wind region.

General Forecast along race route

*** FRIDAY (13-MAR-2015) ***
* 52S to 57S and 100W to 090W *
WIND: W 30-40
SEAS: 5-8m
WEATHER: Cloudy with scattered squalls.
* 53S to 58S and 090W to 080W *
WIND: NW/W 20-30 gusting 35.
SEAS: 4-7m
WEATHER: Cloudy with scattered showers or squalls possible.
* 48S to 53S and 60W to 50W *
WIND: N 25-35 backing NW/W 15-25 from west to east.
SEAS: 2-4m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy, with showers spreading west to east with time.
* 48S to 53S and 50W to 40W
WIND: N/NE 20-30.
SEAS: 2-4m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* 35S to 40S and 40W to 30W
WIND: SE 10-20
SEAS: 2-3m
WEATHER: Cloudy with rain and a few squalls likely
* 30S to 35S and 40W to 30W
WIND: W/NW 15-25
SEAS: 2-4m
WEATHER: Cloudy with rain or frequent showers, thunderstorms and squalls
along 35S-33S.
* 10S to 15S and 35W to 25W *
WIND: E 10-15
SEAS: 1-3m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with showers likely.
* 05S to 10S and 35W to 25W *
WIND: SE 15-20
SEAS: 1-3m.
* 10N to 15N and 35W to 25W *
WIND: NE 15-20.
SEAS: 2-3m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with scattered showers.
* 10N to 15N and 35W to 25W *
WIND: NE/ENE 15-20.
SEAS: 2-3m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with scattered showers.