Weather Forecast 05/04/2015

One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton and We Are Water are making their final approach to Gibraltar. Low pressure developing just to the north is supporting a SW flow toward Gibraltar, allowing them to run toward the Strait. Winds are expected to be quite light through the Strait and also the western Alboran Sea. There will be afternoon sea breezes and overnight land breezes which may be some help.

Renault Captur had a slow day yesterday as they crossed the remains of a high pressure ridge. A push of N’ly from an old cold front dropping south across 30N will give them shift and pressure to start heading more directly toward Gibraltar. 

Trade winds are finally improving for Spirit of Hungary. The winds are building steadily as they make more distance north in the Atlantic. 

Meteo APR 5, 2015 07:32

00Z SUNDAY (05-APR-2015)

1)         NE trade winds will build moderate north of about 04N, and build fresh 

north of about 12N. Fresh NE trade winds hold through to 27N where 

they will ease and back toward the N.

2)         A cold front moving southeast of the Azores arrives near 30N/30W. N/NW 

winds freshen across Madeira, and start to fill to the Moroccan coast, 

dissipating the trough with time.

3)         Thermal low pressure (1007mb) developing over southwestern Iberia. 

Weak high pressure (1011mb) over the western Med near Palma. E’ly flow 

persists but is weakening south of Spain. Light S’ly gradient flow 

across the Balearic Sea to Barcelona, with overnight drainage winds 

giving way to afternoon sea breezes on the Spanish coast.


00Z MONDAY (06-APR-2015)

1)         NE trade winds from Equator to 30N. These are driven by high pressure 

(1031mb) centered near 35N/39W. Strongest trades will be found from 

about 15N to 23N.

2)         A dying cold front embedded within the trade wind flow will have some 

shower/squalls associated with it, along will a brief wind increase 

and left shift. The front lies roughly west to east along 26N. 

3)         Low pressure (1007mb) off Vigo will extend with a trough west to the 

Cape Verde Islands. 

4)         North of 30N and east of 30W, mainly NW/N winds, backing NW/W into the 

Gulf of Cadiz. Generally stronger west of 12W and lighter to the east.

5)         High pressure (1031mb) moving across UK will support a NE/E flow into 

the western Med, possibly moderate for fresh. Strongest winds will be 

south of Spain out of the Southwestern Med and into the Alboran Sea. 

Winds may veer to a SE sea breeze along the Spanish coast during 

afternoon sea breezes.


00Z TUESDAY (07-APR-2015)

1)         South of 20N, moderate NE/ENE trade winds extend south nearly to the 

Equator. While on the moderate to light side of the typical trade wind 

range, the breeze is consistent.

2)         North of 20N, trade winds generally back to N through to 30N.

3)         A ridge of high pressure light across the north Atlantic from 34MN/47W 

to 43N/31W to high pressure (1038mb) over Ireland. 

4)         Low pressure (1008mb) locate just north of Madeira near 34N/17W. A 

strong N’ly flow around the western periphery of the low pressure will 

extend south to 30N west of 17W. East of the low, winds will be very 

light and variable from the Canary Islands and northeast off the 

Moroccan coast. 

5)         Fresh to strong E’ly winds will be blowing through the Gibraltar 

Strait and west across the western Approaches and the northern Gulf of 


6)         Strong Levante E’ly winds are forecast to be blowing across the 

Alboran Sea and southwestern Med. Winds will be fresh NE from Almeria 

to Denia, although easing in the afternoon hours near the coast with 

thermal effects.

7)         Winds lighter NE across the Gulf of Valencia, easing in the afternoon. 

Light and variable close to Barcelona, but with afternoon sea breezes.



General Forecast along race route


*** SUNDAY (05-APR-2015) ***

* 05N to 10N and 35W to 25W *

WIND: NE 12-17.

SEAS: 1-2m

WEATHER: Partly cloudy.

* 10N to 15N and 35W to 25W *

WIND: NE 12-17

SEAS: 1-2m

WEATHER: Partly cloudy.


* 29N to 34N and 35W to 25W *

WIND: N/NE 15-20 easing 10-15. 

SEAS: 1-2m

WEATHER: Variable clouds with a chance of showers. Becoming partly cloudy.


* Gulf of Cadiz to Gibraltar Strait *

WIND: W/SW 5-15 except easing S’ly near 35N. E 10-20 35N, easing SE with 

time.  Within Gibraltar Strait, E 10-15, easing to light and variable.

SEAS: 1m

WEATHER: Partly cloudy. 

* Alboran Sea *

WIND: E 10-20, easing to light and variable through the day. Local 

afternoon sea breezes on the Spanish coast. 

SEAS: 1m, decreasing.

WEATHER: Partly cloudy.