Weather Forecast 03/04/2015

One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton and We Are Water continue to sail due east, but conditions are less than ideal between them and Gibraltar Strait. Winds will back left with improving angle as they sail east today. However, there is a trough with light and variable conditions off the Moroccan coast which may cause a cause a complicated approach to Gibraltar, where E’ly winds are blowing out of the strait. Winds continue to veer slowly for Renault Captur allowing them to start making some east in their course. However, it appears winds may start to back left again which will make it difficult to maintain course. They will be sailing toward a cold front approaching from the northwest to bring a shift which will allow a more direct course toward the northeast. Spirit of Hungary continues to struggle in less than ideal winds north of the doldrums. The good news is that the NE trade winds will gradually start to return for them in the next 24-36 hours.

Meteo APR 3, 2015 08:00

*** SYNOPSIS ***00Z FRIDAY (03-APR-2015)1) Southern Doldrums boundary between 05S and 04S, with a northern boundary near 03S-02S. Light and variable winds within the doldrums.2) North of the doldrums, the trade winds have backed uncharacteristically far to the left, blowing N/NNW at relatively light speed. West of 30W, winds remain left-shifted up to about 04N before veering NNE/NE and increasing to more typical speeds. However east of 30W, lighter, left-shifted winds extend north to 07N or so.3) NE trade winds generally moderate to fresh from 07N to 30N. From the Canary to Cape Verde Islands, winds NNE and slightly stronger, especially close to the African coast.4) High pressure (1027mb) near 33N/30W, with a ridge extending northeast to another high (1027mb) near 45N/09W. N/NE winds from off Iberia to Madeira and 30N.5) Mainly NE/E winds across the Gulf of Cadiz and very light along the Moroccan coast. A stronger E’ly out of the Gibraltar Strait exit region into the eastern Gulf. 6) Moderate E’ly winds across the Alboran Sea and Med south/southeast of Cartagena.7) Weak high pressure (1023mb) south of Palma. S/SW wind around the west/northwest periphery of this high from Denia north through the Gulf of Valencia and Balearic Sea. This wind is eased along the immediate coast by drainage winds, and accelerated in the afternoon by sea breezes.00Z SATURDAY (04-APR-2015)1) Right-shifted NE trade winds will return to the waters north of the Equator, though winds will remain quite light. Very light conditions are expected west of 30W north to 04S. East of 30W, NE trade winds will increase with distance west.2) Moderate (normal) trade winds are expected north of about 08N. Winds east of about 27W will be N/NNE.3) High pressure (1025mb) will be pushed south to 29N/34W by a strong cold front moving east across the north-central Atlantic. A ridge of high pressure will extend northeast of the high to the Azores.4) The cold front will move southeast and eventually dissipate the ridge, with NW winds filling between the Azores and 30N.5) A trough of low pressure will move east off the Moroccan coast, with an area of light and variable winds southwest of Portugal settled on 35N/13W. N winds will be between this light patch and the high pressure ridge, extending south to 30N between 15W and 27W.6) Moderate E’ly out of the Gibraltar Strait and across the northern half of the Gulf of Cadiz.7) Mainly light to moderate E/NE winds south of Spain across the Alboran Sea and into the southwestern Med.8) Along the eastern coast of Spain, continued mainly light winds with coastal overnight drainage winds interspersed with coastal afternoon sea breezes from the S/SE. Afternoon sea breezes could reach moderate strength near the coast in the mid-/late-afternoon.00Z SUNDAY (05-APR-2015)1) NE trade winds will build moderate north of about 04N, and build fresh north of about 12N. Fresh NE trade winds hold through to 27N where they will ease and back toward the N.2) A cold front moving southeast of the Azores arrives near 30N/30W. N/NW winds freshen across Madeira, and start to fill to the Moroccan coast, dissipating the trough with time.3) Thermal low pressure (1007mb) developing over southwestern Iberia. Weak high pressure (1011mb) over the western Med near Palma. E’ly flow persists but is weakening south of Spain. Light S’ly gradient flow across the Balearic Sea to Barcelona, with overnight drainage winds giving way to afternoon sea breezes on the Spanish coast.**************************************General Forecast along race route*** FRIDAY (03-APR-2015) **** 00N to 05N and 35W to 25W *WIND: Generally N 5-10, especially west of 30W. Lighter with distance east. West of 30W, generally N 5-10, increasing to 10-15 near 05N.SEAS: 1m or lessWEATHER: Partly cloudy.* 05N to 10N and 35W to 25W *WIND: Becoming NNE to NE 10-15, except lighter 7-12 east of 30W. Chance of winds 12-17 north of 08N or 09N.SEAS: 1-2mWEATHER: Partly cloudy.>>>>>* 20N to 25N and 40W to 30W *WIND: E/NE 12-17 SEAS: 1-2mWEATHER: Partly cloudy.* 25N to 30N and 40W to 30W *WIND: NE 12-17 easing 10-15 north of 28N. SEAS: 1-2mWEATHER: Partly cloudy.>>>>>* 30N to 35N and 20W to Morrocan coastWIND: NW/W 10-15. Easing to 5-10 east of 17W. Becoming light and variable north of 34N and east of 15W.SEAS: 1-2mWEATHER: Partly cloudy. >>>>>