Forecast for 09/04/2015

OVERVIEW: We Are Water will finish slowly in light airs which have been present along the north-east coast of Spain for the last couple of days. They may find some patches of land breeze this morning, however the afternoon sea breeze will be their best hope for crossing the finish line today.

Renault Captur is sailing into an area of lighter winds that will slow their progress for the next couple of days.

Spirit of Hungary is reaching north in light-moderate trades. These will continue for them the next couple of days while they search for an opportunity to tack on a more direct course toward Gibraltar.

Meteo APR 9, 2015 06:51

*** SYNOPSIS ***
00Z THURSDAY (09-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1031mb) near 38N/35W.
2)    Low pressure (1016mb) near 37N/12W.
3)    High pressure supports moderate trade winds. All NE/ENE south of 23N.
4)    North of 23N, flow between the high pressure and low pressure comes
into play. N/NNE winds from 35N to 30S between 30W and 15W. South of
30N, winds are NNE/NE west of 25W. East of 25W, circulation around the
low become more important with Nílies across the Canary Islands.
5)    Circulation around the low has NW winds over Madeira back W/SW along
the Moroccan coast and S into the Gulf of Cadiz.
6)    Strong Eílies across the Alboran Sea south of Spain and out the
Gibraltar Strait. Seas very rough across these waters as well. Strong
E/NE winds over the southwest Med as a high pressure ridge builds into
the central Med.
7)    SE winds across Palma/Ibiza into the Gulf of Valencia and southeast
00Z FRIDAY (10-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1029mb) near 35N/34W. The high pushing south by a cold
front just to its north along 50N/23W to 40N/32W to 36N/45W.
2)    Weak low pressure (1020mb) just southwest of Lisbon, weakening and
slowly moving north.
3)    N/NE winds west of Madeira and north of 30N. South of 30N, generally
NE/NNE trade winds moderate strength.
4)    Between the low and Mardeira/Morocco, and ars of light and variable
winds. The low weakens enough so that the circulation is cut off.
Nearly calm or variable winds over the Gulf of Cadiz.
5)    Eíly winds through the Gibraltar Strait.
6)    NE/E winds continue south of Spain with moderate strength. Rough seas
will likely linger.
7)    A trough of low pressure south of Palma, with E/SE winds across Palma
veering E/NE along the immediate Spanish coast.
00Z SATURDAY (11-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1028mb) near 36N/23W with a ridge extending northeast
to 41N/15W and southwest to 31N/38W.
2)    South of the ridge, light-moderate N winds along the Portuguese coast
will extend south to 30N, backing NNW along the Moroccan coast and
into the Gulf of Cadiz. From Madeira west, winds veer NE.
3)    The trade winds south of 30N are moderate NE/ENE, generally stronger
east of 28W. Strongest winds will be along the Afican coast from the
Canary Islands to Cape Verde Islands. Light and patchy winds west of
30W from 20N to 30N.
4)    A weak trough of low pressure over the Balearic Islands will support
light to moderate NE/E winds south of Spain over the southwestern Med
and Alboran Sea. Coastal winds will be much lighter, and veer SE
during the afternoon due to thermal sea breezes.
5)    Across the Gulf of Valencia and north to Barcelona, NE gradient flow
is generally light to light-moderate. Winds much lighter closer to the
coast, veering right with weak afternoon coastal sea breezes.
General Forecast along race route
*** THURSDAY (09-APR-2015) ***
* 20N to 25N and 35W to 25W *
WIND: ENE/NE 10-15.
SEAS: 1-2m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* 31N to 36N and 20W to 10W *
WIND: N 10-15. East of 18W, tending NW 7-12, potentially decreasing to
under 7 at times, especially east of 15W.
SEAS: 1m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with a chance of a few scattered showers.
* Near Barcelona *
WIND: Light and variable becoming SE/SSE 5-10 PM.
SEAS: Less than 1m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.