Summer on Spirit

and the miracle of AIS

Yesterday afternoon we were mostly sailing North with the main and the C0 in 5-10 knots easterly wind, which keeps turning within a 40° range. It’s real summer now. Yesterday, while I was repairing the pedestal, I could feel I got sunburnt. I started working in the shadow of the sail but as we progressed in time, the sun had imperceptibly reached me. I got sunburnt, which is not a surprise, as I’m rather white skinned, on the other hand: abound a week ago we were in winter.

Emails from the boats MAR 28, 2015 09:57

Sometime in the night C called me to change him. I had no idea what time it was, nor do I know now. I quickly made a wake-up coffee, which felt very good, and hoisted the J1 - with regard to the forecast. While I was working, I saw a shooting star - not just any kind, it’s beam was snow white and so shiny that I’ve never seen before. I quickly made a wish! I sacrificed one of my found my white shirts, cut it and made a head and neck cover of it. In case it gets even more summery, I will need it. The wind had calmed to 2,5 - 4 knots, and barely could even blow the sails in place. Then it calmed even more and we stopped completely. Now for a while, our programme is the already known “clapping, creaking, grating show” again. I admit, the creaking is my teeth in this case. The AIS is a miracle! There were two ships approaching us, one from north-east, and one from north-west, roughly both of them could have hit us, since we can’t escape now. The AIS alerted, then displayed all the data of the ship: where from, where to, what speed, etc. Then I call them on the VHF 16 channel by their name and kindly ask them to evade. They immediately answer to the call by their name, and change direction. Earlier, here on the ocean or anywhere, it wasn’t like this. This is really good. I call today the day of patience and sailing tolerance.

27th March, 16 15 UT, position: 18° 21,7' S, 029° 17,7' W