Renault Repair Day

It was supposed to have been a peaceful day in the trade winds after a starry night we had made a few miles on the leaders. The strategy was set for the coming days as we set an almost direct route to Gough Island, the gateway to the 40s

Emails from the boats JAN 17, 2015 19:30

But fate decided otherwise. At dawn the mainsail head lashing was hanging by one we had to drop the mainsail. The lashing was done for. It holds the car on to the track. So we had to replace it, an operation taking maybe half an hour. The main came just below second reef and suddenly ping the car came off, taking away the one at the first reef too. So we had screws on the deck and in the water. So we looked and could see the mast track slightly lifted at the second reef. And we made a better check and others needed changed too. That explains our slower speeds Friday. Today we have had lighter winds and chance to attack the repairs, Yesterday Seb tried a few times up the mast but it was too rough. But today it is better and by tonight everything should be OK.

Jorge and Seb
Renault Captur