Percance con el lastre de agua

Bruno Garcia (We Are Water):

Hola amigos,
Llevamos unos días que, sumados a los doldrums, quieren recordarnos que la Barcelona World Race es una regata de resistencia. Willy está mejor de la contractura, yo sigo con el hombro izquierdo dolorido y con tortícolis, nada serio, pero incómodo. Físicamente estamos bastante cansados.

Emails from the boats MAR 27, 2015 11:21

Bruno Garcia (ESP), We Are Water:  "The last few days since the Doldrums, which were bad enough, have been a reminder that this is an endurance race. Willy's muscle pain seems to be relieved a bit, I still have a bit of a sore shoulder and a stiff neck, nothing serious but just a bit uncomfortable. We are just quite tired physically.
We are learning progressively about sailing these IMOCA boats, such as a quick course in plumbing.  The water ballast tanks seem to have formed a closer relationship than we would like. They are secretly sharing water with each other through the fill and drain pipes which link the tanks. So now you could fill both or empty both by mistake. Last night was a bit of a panic when the the bow tank cover popped off and we almsot flooded the batteries. Luckily Willy realised the situation, luckily, and reacted very quickly and we sorted it out together within an hour. But we were as wet as fish and sweating like you would not believe. Whoever said this bit is easy?
We are very happy for Jean and Bernard, they are a couple of pros.
Last night we saw the Pole Star guiding us north, a dim but comforting light. Now we want to get home. We are missing our families