International Women’s Day

Conrad Colman (Spirit of Hungary):

I absolutely support the HeForShe cause on this International Women’s Day, and every day. However, even on this day that is set aside to support the cause of women’s rights it troubles me that we need such a day. Does that make the rest of the year International Dude Day? Sadly yes! Glass ceilings are prevalent, women are still paid less for the same job all around the world and being told you do something “like a girl” is a universal insult!

Emails from the boats MAR 8, 2015 17:32

Ocean racing is game of tactics and strategy, resource management and long term planning more than brawn. The diminuative Ellen MacArthur set the absolute record for a nonstop circumnavigation and came second in the Vendee Globe by a narrow margin. Sam Davies just missed out on the Vendee Globe podium in 2008 but had shown up most of the fleet with a superb performance on an older boat. If I could have a career like these two, then sign me up to sail like a girl!