Indoor humidity, almost 100%

Guillermo Altadill (Neutrogena):

"The inside of the boat reminds me more of a neighbourhood courtyard with clothes hanging, than a sophisticated carbon machine which is sailing around the world. Socks, thermal clothing and underwear are hanging from unimaginable places, in an impossible attempt to get them dry! Indoor humidity is almost 100% and the socks I hung up last week when passing the Canary Islands remain the same or wetter, than the first day I hung them up! 

Emails from the boats JAN 14, 2015 14:32

In the end you have to choose the easiest and quickest route to get them dry; you put them back on your feet wet, and your body at 36.3 degrees dries them. And with your salty, moist skin, and the tropical heat you could even be ready to go to a models casting!! Fortunately our sponsor has supplied us with all kinds of Neutrogena products that will make us get look as if we've been to a spa for beauty treatments! 

Guillermo Altadill

Professional Model (after the BWR)