Farewell Janiero

Bruno Garcia (We Are Water) ponders what brought them to the middle of the Atlantic

Emails from the boats JAN 20, 2015 10:21

The descent down the Saint Helena high is coming to its end. The closeness to the Brazilian coast brought us a visit from ‘Janeiro’ [a bird on deck], so baptised because of the latitude in which he boarded. Willy and I wonder which unexplainable yearning must have led him to leave the safe branch of a tree and venture to the middle of the sea, away from all safety.

Very probably it is the same that moves us to take part in this adventure and sail on board We Are Water towards the Southern Ocean. After some deserved rest, Janeiro took flight and disappeared over the horizon.

Since we left the Doldrums, the trade winds from the south-east have been benevolent to us. They have allowed us to sail fast and dry, and to make the necessary settings and repairs, besides carrying out a in-depth check of We Are Water – including a climb to the mast – before getting into the South.

Every positions update submerges us again into the strategy, and unavoidably it leads us to thinking of our colleagues and rivals, each one fighting their own battle. These days we think especially of Pepe, friend and supporter to our project. His start was irreproachable and he was dealt back luck too early.