"Every Single High Pressure"

Conrad Colman (Spirit of Hungary):

“Meanwhile, Spirit of Hungary continues to struggle with lighter winds under high pressure which lies just south of the Ice Exclusion Boundary”
The last time I attached an excerpt from the race’s weather guy was probably a month ago, but the essence is the same. There is a race at the front of the fleet “meanwhile” Spirit of Hungary is parked up in a monster high pressure zone that formed after everyone else made it through.

Emails from the boats MAR 7, 2015 11:30

Maybe I’m being punished for frying ants with a magnifying glass in the summer sun when I was a kid but we have hit every single high pressure zone on this race course and ground to a screaching halt. Our navigation software, Adrena, still shows the routes and speeds of the boats further ahead so I can see that when they were here, Cheminees Poujoulat were ripping along at 17 knots and all the other boats were doing at least 14. Us? We’re doing 2.3 currently!

Nandor is making lists of the modifications he would like to do to the boat before the Vendee Globe and I am prepping the work I’ll jump into when we make it back to Barcelona. I feel that we are both eager to just get back to so we can put the lessons of this race into what comes next. The only sure thing with the wind is that it will change but it will require a lot of patience and sail changes to get us out of here!