Canary Islands: West? Through the Islands? East?

Didac Costa (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton):

Since late last night until this afternoon we've been almost stopped. Peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, but we just are not moving! The consolation is that our rivals have not done too much either. It's funny how one day you're building up from 13 to 17 knots surfing a wave and the next day you are putting the same effort into getting from 0.8 to 1.5 in calm winds. What a contrast!

Emails from the boats JAN 6, 2015 12:28


Now we are getting back into the trade winds. According to the forecasts the wind will continue to increase and the waves will get higher, bigger and and lengthen... ideal conditions for the IMOCA 60.

We keep up with an eye on the the Canary Islands, Going West? In the middle? East? An opportunity to gain or lose some miles. We'll see what we decide to do and what the others are doing...

See you soon!