Bring me sunshine........

Didac Costa (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton):

After crossing Cape Leeuwin’s longitude, our next objective is leaving the Indian Ocean behind to get into the Pacific. Despite some calm zones that no one expects in the Southern oceans, sailing has been, until now, quite spectacular and with good winds.

Emails from the boats FEB 17, 2015 12:16

It may be because of the short time I have been sailing on board an IMOCA, but it still impresses me how these boats sail when the sea starts growing and wind blows strong. The boat speeds up when waves arrive, there are many noises and it seems that everything is about to explode. Luckily, nothing like this ever happens and we do it all again with the next wave. And that is such an addictive feeling.

Moving and working inside the boat becomes very difficult in such conditions. One day due the boat jumped off a wave when I was lying awake on the bunk, I literally flew. Suddenly I felt myself flying too and one second later I landed on a sail that we keep next to the place where we sleep. That saved me from a backache for several days!

This is continuing for some days with favourable winds, almost all in the good direction and at good speed, because moving fast in the wrong direction is useless. The opposite, no winds, are not very useful either because your boat doesn’t move.

When sailing, nothing makes you feel happier than the a happy medium. Well, there’s another feature missing and that is even more’s not very frequent here in the South... that's if the sun came out!