Argo day!

Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costa (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton) launched their Argo at12:13 UTC at 33ºS 30W:

Today is an important day for the Barcelona World Race, the Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and other organizations involved in this scientist project. We, and the other participants of the Barcelona World Race, will deploy scientific beacons in to the sea that will measure different parameters.

Emails from the boats JAN 23, 2015 14:03

We have taken on board the buoy, sealed and protected it for 24 days so that from today from the moment that it comes into contact with water it starts doing its job. This beacon will work for seven years, transmitting data to the scientific community. This data that will allow studies in various different fields.
Over the course of these seven years, the buoy will follow the same cycle over and over. It will go down 1000 metres  to collect  salinity and temperature data, and then will go down again to 2000metres following data and “sailing” on the ocean currents. Then it comes to the surface and and will send the data via satellite.
ARGO buoys have existed for many years and they are scattered around the planet, but in the area where we are there are very few, and consequently there is less data from the Southern Oceans.

Aleix y Didac
One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton