A wet ride

Didac Costa (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton):

"Since we have entered the Indian Ocean we have sailed two days with sunny skies and wind from the West, a night without wind, and today – which we have to go upwind. Very cloudy and rain. The boat smashes against every wave coming towards us and water sweeps the deck. It is not very comfortable, although we don’t need to trim the sails a lot. Now we can’t surf the waves as before, instead the waves are surging towards us, then passing over us.

Emails from the boats FEB 4, 2015 15:59

"We have these conditions because of a low, which is moving from Africa to the South, and there’s a new anticyclone that we will have to go around from the north side. The limit of the exclusion area doesn’t allow us to go where the favourable winds are. But it’s better to stay here than to be dodging icebergs.”