A strangely satisfying hum

Didac Costa (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton):

We keep sailing across the Pacific Ocean and now there are 3.500 miles of seemingly endless sea between us and Cape Horn. We are moving at a good rhythm again and the boat makes us feel very confident when we are going fast in good conditions. 

Emails from the boats FEB 24, 2015 10:02

In the surges and surfs above the many other noises, we are focused in a specific one. It is a whistle which is probably produced for  a little cavitation over the rudders. It only appears when we are over 18-19 knots. So, when we are sleeping, or eating or managing the boat and we hear it, we know that everything is OK and we are moving fast! I think that in our daily life back in the mainland we couldn’t bear it for more than five minutes without going nuts but here, in the boat, it becomes very nice.
Because we have had better weather conditions than the ones We Are Water have had has allowed us to get closer to them in these last days. We are also following their course even more now because we knew that they saw an aurora borealis. We would like to be close if they see another one.  

Hasta pronto,