A spy in our midst?

Didac Costa (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton):

I was on the nav station when suddenly I heard Aleix talking to himself. After getting up I saw that he was actually talking with a little bird who has been visiting us regularly for some days. When we get close to him, he usually flies away afraid, and some hours later, we find him again resting on deck, or even inside the cabin.

Emails from the boats APR 3, 2015 18:09

In our minds, which perhaps not thinking clearly after so many days keeping an eye on the Garcia brothers, we have even thought that it may be a spy bird. Since he comes and goes regularly, perhaps he wants to see which sails we are flying and what is our heading, and then go and tell We Are Water, and for that reason they have caught up quite a chunk of miles in the last hours.

We don't know if Willy or Bruno have any hidden ace in this regard, we have already thought that we could try to do the same with any dolphin who may visit us, but we can't see any!

So, after a few minutes, and in view of the sad face of the poor little bird, we have given him some bread leftovers, as you can see in the picture. Who knows if now he may have become a double agent of nature at our service and may help us go faster.

We'll know in a few days!