A message in a box

Aleix Gelabert (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton):

Today was a hot day. Even now, already dark night, it’s still hot.

The Kingfisher (at the end of the letter you will understand why I call her today by her original name) continues sailing south apace, pushed by moderate trade winds and a comfortable sea that allows us to recover ourselves from the stress of the past days without respite fighting the doldrums.

But we are sad, sad because today we received the news that Hugo Boss has dismasted. Sad thinking about Alex and Pepe, and sad to see in the tracking the Barcelona World Race favourite boat heading Brazil.

Emails from the boats JAN 16, 2015 01:00

In the afternoon, during a routine operation that we repeat every day (changing filters of apparatus for the study of microplastics) we have been pleasantly surprised. In the stock replacement filters had, in an envelope, a note to Didac and me. It was written by, nothing less than, Ellen McArthur, wishing us luck in the race and asking to take care of her beloved KINGFISHER, a boat that had given her so many good times. She also said that the boat would look after us. A simple but very valuable notes. The more I sail with this boat, the fastest mya admiration grows for her.

No ceases to amaze me the courage she had to have for, being so young, do what he did.

A DONF!!!!!!!! (French? à donf = push hard?)

How are things. A cold and hot.


One Planet One Ocean - Pharmaton


One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton"