A father's pride

News from Guillermo Altadill on Neutrogena, as both father and son look set to face the Southern Ocean:
"The waves have increased in height, wind in intensity and the noise in decibels. The Indian Ocean reminds us who's really in charge here; we take high pressures as a break that our adversary offers us, so we can breathe, recover and gain strength.

Emails from the boats FEB 3, 2015 13:10

"I received an email from my son Willy yesterday, wishing me good luck and telling me he was traveling to China to join Mapfre’s [Volvo Ocean Race] team.

"It might be because I’m tired or getting old, but the fact is that I’m excited to see that kid who recently learned to sail an Optimist, that listened to my stories of ocean racing while we had lunch, and kept asking me if I had seen whales and dolphins every time got back home… Now he achieves one of the dreams of every sailor, to sail around the world.

"Parents have an obligation and joy in helping our children to fulfil their own dreams, but if you had the same dreams when you were his age, and he also achieves it, it makes you feel proud.

Good Luck Mapfre, Good Luck Willy."