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The Barcelona World Race start

Press centre

The Barcelona Port Authority was offering the media facilities inside its emblematic building at Portal de la Pau, at the feet of the city's famous statue of Christopher Columbus. From December to the race finish, the centre offered in situ services for media coverage of the event, meeting the media standards of any major sporting event.

It was be open from 10 December 2014 until the end of the race (April 2015). From 09:00 to 22:00 (local time)

Services for the media at the press centre: • Permanent information service throughout the race, news about daily events and local information • Registration service for press boats • Work tables with power outlets and internet access WIFI and network cable • Different work areas for the press and photographers • Video editing rooms • Rooms for interviews • Work room for team press officers • Printers • Fax • Lockers • Media Lounge

Press boats

For written press on the start day the Barcelona World Race provided two press boats as well as smaller, faster powerboats for photographers and cameramen. Only accredited media are able to board these press boats. Seating is limited; so it is necessary to book places at the media desk in the press centre. The organization establishes a priority order for boarding.

How to follow the race

4 official rankings are computed and published over each 24 hours:

  • 0500hrs UTC (0600hrs local time in Barcelona)
  • 0900hrs UTC (1000hrs local time in Barcelona)
  • 1400hrs UTC (1500hrs local time in Barcelona)
  • 1900hrs UTC (2000hrs local time in Barcelona)

Social networks

Information during a typical day:

  • In the early hours of the morning: written information about the changes in the ranking of the night, weather forecast of the day, continuous information on the website and social networks
  • 1430hrs (local time in Barcelona): TV show with video conferencing, guests and boat images. It will be divided into four 15 minutes blocks in each language: ESP at 1430hrs, CAT at 1445hrs, ENG at 1500hrs and FRA at 1515hrs
  • Afternoon: detailed story including the key quotes of the day (in the form of press release to the media)
  • Evening: final short written story of the day
  • Every Friday: newsletter distributed with a summary of the week’s news

Media pack and Photo and TV servers

Click on the “Media pack” button to download the media pack in English. It includes the media guide, the schedule of the days prior to the start, the organization’s and the teams’ contact information, etc.

Click on the “Broadcast server” button to access the video server. Write to to receive downloading codes.

You also have access to free high resolution images for editorial use. Click on the “Image bank” button. To download the images you must create an account filling in this form