The educational programme Following the Barcelona World Race is a resource that allows students and teachers to follow the regatta from inside their own classrooms.

The educational programme's objectives are as follows:

  • To enable effective and significant learning through an event taking place in real time.
  • To incorporate the use of technology into the teaching/learning process for students.
  • To foster a respectful approach to the environment in which the regatta takes place: the sea.
  • To promote the sport of sailing and its guiding principles.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at all students from the final stages of primary school (ages 10-12), through to secondary school level education.


The proposed educational content is based around three key themes:

  • The blue planet: This part allows students to find out more about the environment the regatta takes place in: the sea. It looks at how this affects the sport of sailing.
  • The human being: This brings them closer to the experience of the sailors during the regatta and also the relationship between humans and the sea throughout history; from a social, economic and cultural point of view.
  • Navigation: Students learn about onboard technologies and how sailing and navigation have developed from a technological perspective.