University contests

At the heart of the Barcelona World Race's commitment to education are the close links the event has established with universities and specialist training centres in Barcelona, such as the University of Barcelona; the Communications department at the Pompeu Fabra University; the Nautical Studies Faculty in Barcelona (FNB-UPC); the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (ELISAVA), part of the Pompeu Fabra University; the Escola Massana Art School at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Institut Químic de Sarrià at the Universitat Ramon Llull.

In collaboration with these institutes of higher education, the FNOB has developed a broad selection of educational, technological and higher training projects:

The Barcelona World Race Advertising Campaign Creativity Contest 



This competition was set up by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and the FNOB and was open to third and fourth year Advertising and Public Relations students at the university. The brief was to design an advertising campaign for the third edition of the Barcelona World Race. The aim of the competition was to highlight, foster, disseminate and reward creativity. The goal was to capture and promote the ways in which the values associated with ocean sailing function in harmony with the city of Barcelona.


Five groups of students, under the supervision of the UPF and coordinated by the Dribbling Publicitat advertising agency, came up with proposals. The winning pitch was be taken on by the agency, with the team carrying out a paid internship to develop the campaign, under the supervision of the agency. 


Every one of the projects revealed the enormous capacity of ocean sailing and the Barcelona World Race to awaken great emotion in the general public and to express ideas that resound with citizens. After lengthy deliberations, the jury weighed in favour of the project presented by the Equip Vela team, with Irene Ferré, Ramón Balcells and Roberto David Donaldson.

Final project for Engineering in Industrial Design Degree: Design of a mini wind marine-urban energy system to be fitteds to an IMOCA 60


A collaboration between companies and institutions -Ateneu de Fabricació- FabLab-les CortsNavitas Paradigma and the FNOB alongside ELISAVA Escuela Superior de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering), brought about a proposal which would form the basis of the final projects for students on the Engineering in Industrial Design Degree course at the Pompeu Fabra University School of Design and Engineering. Students were asked to design a mini wind-powered generator that could be fitted to an IMOCA 60 yacht for the Barcelona World Race, with possibilities for its use in urban settings. 

The impulse behind the project was to support R+D and a desire to promote research into mini generators of clean energy, with the awareness that there is considerable room for improvement in design terms for sailing.


The wind is a source of clean and sustainable energy which is abundant and free. These mini wind generators can produce energy for specific functions, such as the onboard systems of a yacht, but can also do so for other isolated areas on electric circuits.


The first phase of the programme kicked off in the first semester of study in 2014, where students came up with designs, following the technical requirements laid out by the FNOB: A reduction in noise and vibration; efficiency and performance curves; energy production in urban settings (turbulence, rising air, canalisation...); aerodynamics; functional, industrial and productive design; materials (cheap, light and resistant); low production, installation and maintenance costs.


The projects presented were all given high praise and one of these, named 'OXO' was chosen to be presented at the ELISAVA competition (Ei Awards) for the Best Final Project of the year.


During a second phase during the 2014/15 academic year, a panel of judges from the collaborating companies and institutions will choose the project that will be built as a prototype before heading into the testing phase, first at FabLab and then on the FNOB's IMOCA 60.

The Barcelona World Race PR competition



The competition, organised by the FNOB and the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) welcomed entries by 28 fourth year Publicity and Public Relations students, divided into seven teams, who dedicated their final degree projects to the Barcelona World Race.


The prize was awarded to the “Equilibri dels elements” team, who presented a campaign proposal based on the slogan “Barcelona: blue city par excellence”, with a programme involving citizens and tourists, incorporating sport and the sea into events held in the city. The campaign also included collaboration with the Universities of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

The “Equilibri dels elements” team were: Alexandra Martínez, Bea Boronat, Núria Minguet and Bàrbara Stanelli. The judges also praised the proposals given by all of the other teams: “Ciència Friendly”, “Eduardo Almeida”, “Inversió”, “Learning by doing”, “Moviment social” and “Pol Imaz”.


The prized offered by the FNOB to the winning team members is an educational and cultural trip, including training and sitting in on meetings at an international PR agency. 

The Barcelona World Race merchandising competition



The competition was launched to encourage, highlight and reward creativity and talent in the field of merchandising. It was open to students in their second year of study in advanced vocational training courses at Barcelona's Escola Massana Art and Design Centre.

The winners of the four different competition areas: Textiles, Illustration, Jewellery Design and Industrial Modelling will all have their designs produced as merchandising for the third edition of the regatta.

The project brief centred on the values underpinning the Barcelona World Race, whilst underlining the need for progress in a “blue society”, also tying in the motifs of the city of Barcelona, its Ramblas, the sea and the planet as a whole. The designers also had to use materials used for building the Barcelona World Race IMOCA 60s.

The winner of the Textile category was “Travel Bag” by Werda Ifthikar; the Illustration prize went to Anna-Lina Mattar; the top prize for Industrial Modelling went to “Océano Cambiante” by Rozek; and the Jewellery Design prize went to “Los Tres Cabos”, by Ester Madurga

University RC Sailing Challenge Race



The RC Sailing Challenge brings together businesses and universities. This is a university project to design, create and build a radio-controlled yacht, inspired, on the whole, by the IMOCA Open 60s taking part in the Barcelona World Race.


This type of training project in the university setting is ideal for strengthening links between the university and business sectors by developing a 'real' project. This project is the product of a collaboration between the FNOB, organiser of the Barcelona World Race and Sailing Technologies R + D Group, in the sector of the development of technologies applicable to top level nautical competitions.


The sea, sport and training form the main axes of the RC Sailing Challenge. In the 2014 edition 105 universities took part: industrial engineering students from the Instituto Químico de Sarrià (IQS), industrial engineers at The School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona  (ETSEIB-UPC), naval and naval machinery engineers from the Nautical Faculty (FNB-UPC) and technical engineers in industrial design at the ELISAVA School.


Following the construction of the models, the 18 teams from four Barcelona universities gathered on the water at the Port of Barcelona in May to take on the RC Sailing Challenge Race 2014. The "Els Emproats" team won the regatta.


Like the 2013 edition of the event, this year teachers, technicians and students were very happy with the multidisciplinary technological innovation and the practical experience gained during the development of the boats, involving over 100 students and 120 days of work.


Students taking part in the inter-university RC Sailing Challenge; a total of 37, will meet from the 20th to the 30th of December as part of the official activities in the run up to the start of the Barcelona World Race 2014/15.