GAES Centros Auditivos

Third place after 91days 05hours 9 mins 28 sec.

The Catalan duo, Anna Corbella and Gerard Marin, mark a big leap up in their abilities since the last edition of the race. Back then, the former Mini class racers were very much on the nursery slopes of the IMOCA 60 race round the world, both individually mentored by more experienced skippers. Dee Caffari raced with Corbella in the last edition on Caffari's former Aviva on which she finished sixth in the Vendée Globe, while Marín - the youngest co-skipper in 2010-11 - raced alongside Frenchman Ludovic Agalor on Forum Maritim Català and finished eighth.

Partnered up by the FNOB, their training together included the Transat AG2R in the Figaro class and last year's New York to Barcelona Race during which they really highlighted their progress and potential. Finishing third, they were pushing a lot of the more experienced teams hard, proving they were confident in taking their own decisions and followi ng their own strategy, just as they have several times in this Barcelona World Race. This time they proved they can not only match the pace of the faster duos, but can keep their boat together and competitive.

Corbella, a qualified vet and Marín, a past Europe dinghy class world champion who left behind a three month old daughter to do the race, lost some small miles in the North Atlantic when they had to drop their mainsail to repair it and replace three broken battens and did not manage to stay with their two nearest rivals on the entrance to the Indian Ocean and became snared for two or three days in a zone of light airs when the Roaring Forties only whispered for them.

The race's only mixed sex duo were unlucky to be trapped in another cell of calm airs in the Southern Ocean and ended up bouncing slowly along the Antarctic Exclusion Zone, but they proved themselves to have enormous stamina and a quietly stated but voracious appetite for the race. They worked consistently and with discipline to keep their boat at close to 100 per cent, sometimes rewarding themselves with treats for getting their jobs list back to zero! On January 8th they lead the race albeit briefly, and again got up to second momentarily in the Pacific. Corbella sustained a knee ligament injury north of the Canaries when she was thrown across the boat, and Marin sailed many of the final miles in solo mode for much of the time.


Anna Corbella

• Place and date of birth: Barcelona, 21st June 1976
• Residence: Barcelona (Spain)
• Marital status: Single
 Age at start: 38
• Previous BWR entries: Yes in the BWR 2010/11
• Website: www.persiguetussueñ

Track Record

Round the world racing

• Barcelona World Race 2010/11 (6th), with Dee Caffari, on GAES Centros Auditivos (IMOCA 60), double-handed


• IMOCA Ocean Masters New York to Barcelona Race 2014 (3rd), with Gerard Marín, on GAES Centros Auditivos (IMOCA 60), double-handed
• Transat AG2R 2012 (11th), with Gerard Marín, on GAES Centros Auditivos-Milenio de Granada (Figaro Class), double-handed
• Transat 650 (Mini Transat) 2009 (13th, 1st female) (Mini Class), solo

Other offshore racing

• Pornichet Select 2009 (12th, 1st female) solo (Mini Class)
• Mini Pavois 2009 (14th, 2nd female), solo (Mini Class)
• Mini Barcelona 2008 (6th), solo (Mini Class)
• Mini Empúries (4th), double-handed (Mini Class)
• 1,000 Milles qualifier, solo (Mini Class)
• Taylor Woodrow Trophy 2007 (1st), double-handed (Mini Class)
• Mini Med 2006 (5th), double-handed (Mini Class)
• Mini Med 2004 (4th), double-handed (Mini Class)
• Mare Nostrum 2003 (4th), double-handed (Mini Class)
• Mare Nostrum 2001 (5th), double-handed (Mini Class)

Other racing

• Spanish Champion 2000, (470 Class)
• Catalonian Champion 1999, (420 Class)
• Spanish Female Champion 1997, (420 Class)
• Spanish Cup 1996 (1st), (420 Class)


Gerard Marín

 Place and date of birth: Figueres, Girona (Spain), 8th January 1982
• Residence: La Escala (Girona, Spain)
• Marital status: Single
 Age at start: 32
Previous BWR entries: Yes, in the BWR 2010/11
• Website: www.persiguetussueñ


Regatas alrededor del mundo
  • Barcelona World Race 2010/11 (8º), con Ludovic Aglaor, con el Fòrum Marítim Català (IMOCA 60) a dos
  • IMOCA Ocean Masters New York to Barcelona Race 2014 (3º), con Anna Corbella, con el GAES Centros Auditivos (IMOCA 60) a dos
  • Transat AG2R 2012 (11º), con Anna Corbella, con el GAES Centros Auditivos-Milenio de Granada (clase Figaro) a dos
  • Transat 650 (Mini Transat) 2009 (21º en división Prototipos) en solitario
  • Transat 650 (Mini Transat) 2007 (4º en división Barcos de Serie) en solitario
Otras regatas de altura
  • Mini Solo 2007 (1º) (Clase Mini)
  • Mini Barcelona 2006 (1º) (Clase Mini)
  • Les Sables- Azores 2006 (1º) (Clase Mini)
  • Mini Solo 2007 (1º) (Clase Mini)
  • Course des Lions 2007 (2º) (Clase Mini)
Otras regatas
  • Campeonato del Mundo 2012 (1º) clase Europe
  • Campeonato del Mundo 2011 (2º) clase Europe
  • Campeonato de Europa 2007 (3º) clase Europe
  • Campeonato del Mundo 2002 (2º) clase Europe
  • Campeonato de Europa 2002 (5º) clase Europe
  • Campeonato de España 2006 y 2002 (1º) clase Europe
  • Campeonato de España 2005 y 2001 (2º) clase Europe
  • Premio ARC 2002

GAES Centros Auditivos


GAES Centros Auditivos is the former SynerCiel skippered by Jean Le Cam, that finished the Vendée Globe 2012/13 in fifth place. Before that, as Renault Z.E., the yacht was sailed to third place in the Barcelona World Race 2010/11 by Pachi Rivero and Toño Piris. This yacht's first round the world challenge was the Vendée Globe 2008/09 as Gitana Eighty with Loïck Peyron at the helm. Therefore GAES Centros Auditivos really has been performance-tested and was prepared for this edition of the regatta at the FNOB's Ocean Sailing Base in Barcelona. 

Technical details

  • Designer: Bruce Farr Yacht Design
  • Construction: Southern Ocean Marine (New Zealand)
  • Launched: July 2007
  • Former names:  Gitana Eighty, Estrella Damm, 1876, W Hotels, Renault Z.E., SynerCiel
  • Length: 18.28 m.
  • Beam: 5.80 m.
  • Draught: 4.50 m.
  • Displacement: 8,800 kg
  • Centreboards: 2 straight asymmetric
  • Keel fin material: Steel
  • Bulb material: Lead
  • Height of mast: 29 m.
  • Rigging: Maffioli
  • Upwind sail area: 320 m2
  • Downwind sail area:  600 m2
  • Number of sails on board:  10
  • Steering: Tiller
  • Rudder blades: 2 kick-up
  • Autopilots on board: B&G
  • On-board energy source:  Motor generator and hydro generator