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The IMOCA Ocean Masters, showcasing the class

Bernard Stamm, Jean Le Cam and Peter Bayer discussed the new World Championship for the IMOCA class, the IMOCA Ocean Masters. Optimising the communication strategy, structuring the racing schedule and the appeal of the circuit for skippers and sponsors were the key topics of the debate moderated by Olivier Ligné.

(See video) The key objective of the new IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship is to decide the title of World Champion every two years, based on core events featuring on the class racing calendar: the Barcelona World Race (two crew, taking place during the 2014/15 period) and the Vendée Globe (solo and taking place in 2016/17).

Sailors Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam and Peter Bayer, the CEO of OSM (Open Sports Management), the agency in charge of the international promotion of the IMOCA class joined journalist Olivier Ligné to discuss the new IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship at the Barcelona World Race and IMOCA stand at the Paris Boat Show.

Peter Bayer outlined the details of the first phase of the competition, which will kick off with a new transatlantic race between New York and Barcelona, the New York to Barcelona Race (starting on June 1st), and the Barcelona World Race (starting on the 31st of December 2014).

Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam underlined the value of a championship which aids the organisation of regattas and attractive racing schedules for sponsors, as well as the importance of communication. With reference to the same topic, Peter Bayer explained the strategy to be adopted for footage to be broadcast from New York in the run-up to the New York to Barcelona Race, an event set to establish a reference for the practice of broadcasting coverage of ocean sailing events. 

The brand new Barcelona World Race routing was also discussed, which will see the yachts rounding the south of New Zealand. The new regulations on technical stopovers was also discussed (see News item from the 6th of December). Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam reflected on the concept of 'no assistance' as well as the options open in regattas where technical stopovers are permitted. The environmental mission of the regatta was also talked about as was the race's collaboration with oceanographic researchers for the next edition of the race. All participants were in agreement that this was the future course for the sport of ocean sailing. 

To finish, Peter Bayer announced new regattas for the circuit, set to expand the circuit across the world.


Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam at the start of the Barcelona World Race

Switzerland’s Bernard Stamm and France’s Jean Le Cam have hardly stopped over the past few months, busily putting their new project into place: to take part in the third edition of the Barcelona World Race. Logics and circumstances have brought them together and now these long time rivals join forces forming an incredibly experienced tandem.

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