Butlletí del 11/04/2015

El Renault Captur navega cap a l'est, apuntant a Gibraltar. El vent moderat del nord ha tornat, permetent-li navegar ràpid de través cap a Gibraltar. Aquest vent començarà a afluixar al golf de Cadis, abans que un nou impuls de vent de fresc a fort comenci a bufar des de l'estret aquesta nit i demà.

L'Spirit of Hungary ha entrat una zona de vent més fluix. S'espera que els alisis siguin més febles durant el pròxim dia aproximadament, abans de recuperar una mica de velocitat els primers dies de la setmana vinent.

Meteo ABR. 11, 2015 07:37

*** SYNOPSIS ***
00Z SATURDAY (11-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1028mb) near 36N/23W with a ridge extending northeast
to 41N/15W and southwest to 31N/38W. The ridge is getting pushed south
by low pressure (1013mb) near 41N/33W and a cold front extending
southwest of the low center.
2)    South of the ridge, light-moderate N winds along the Portuguese coast
will extend south to 30N, backing NNW along the Moroccan coast and
into the Gulf of Cadiz. From Madeira west, winds veer NE.
3)    The trade winds south of 30N are moderate NE/ENE, generally stronger
east of 28W. Strongest winds will be along the Afican coast from the
Canary Islands to Cape Verde Islands. Light and patchy winds west of
30W from 20N to 30N.
4)    A weak trough of low pressure over the Balearic Islands will support
light to moderate NE/E winds south of Spain over the southwestern Med
and Alboran Sea. Coastal winds will be much lighter, and veer SE
during the afternoon due to thermal sea breezes.
5)    Across the Gulf of Valencia and north to Barcelona, NE gradient flow
is generally light to light-moderate. Winds much lighter closer to the
coast, veering right with weak afternoon coastal sea breezes.
00Z SUNDAY (12-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1023mb) of the coast of Galicia Spain maintains a ridge
south-southwest to just northwest of Madeira. A low pressure (1007mb)
near 45N/21W with a cold front extending south-southwest to 33N/30W.
The front moves south to 30N west of 17W through the day.
2)    NE trades south of 30N will back N with time weaken. NE winds along
the Portuguese coast to Madeira and Canary Islands ease and back N
with time.
3)    Moderate to fresh E’ly through the Gibraltar Strait.
4)    High pressure over central Europe will support NE/E winds off the
south and east coasts of Spain. Winds will be stronger offshore and
from the Balearic Islands to the Algerian coast.
5)    Closer to the Spanish shore, overnight drainage winds will generally
lead to lighter breeze of local N/NW winds. Daytime sea breezes will
be present, but generally light under the influence of unfavorable NE
00Z MONDAY (13-APR-2015)
1)    A col region with light and variable winds just southeast of Madeira.
A weak ridge will extend from the northwestern Canary Islands west
along about 27N.
2)    Low pressure (1016mb) near 36N/19W with a front extending south to
20N/20W then west-southwest to 28N/27W. A push of N’ly breeze moves
south in the wake of the front, veering NW across the Canaries and
around the southern periphery of the low pressure.
3)    Light and variable winds along the Moroccan coast, with daytime sea
breezes. A fresh E’ly flow out of the Gibraltar Strait and across the
northern Gulf of Cadiz.
4)    High pressure over northwestern and south-central Europe drives a
fresh NE/E flow south of Spain. Lighter conditions along the east
coast and across the Balearic Sea. Sea breezes will be widespread
along the coast in the afternoon.
General Forecast along race route
*** SATURDAY (11-APR-2015) ***
* 25N to 30N and 30W to 20W *
WIND: ENE 8-13 tending NE 10-15.
SEAS: 1-2m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* 34N to 37N and 12W to Gulf of Cadiz *
WIND: N 10-15 easing with time. Becoming Light and variable north of 35N in
the Gulf of Cadiz. Fresh E’lies developing across the approaches to the
Gibraltar Strait later in the day.
SEAS: 1-2m decreasing to less than 1m in Gulf of Cadiz.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.