Butlletí del 03/01/2015

Vents de llevant moderats al mar d'Alborán que s'acceleren en l'estret i es perllonguen cap al golf de Cadis. Aquests portaran a la maypr pate de la flota ràpidament cap a l'oest, evitant una zona de molt poc vent prop de la costa marroquina. Per al dilluns, s'espera la transició cap als alisis del NE al nord de les illes Canàries.

Meteo GEN. 3, 2015 07:38

*** SYNOPSIS ***
00Z SATURDAY (03-JAN-2015):
1)    The multi-centered high pressure continues across southwest Europe.
Primary centers of high pressure over central Spain (1039mb),
northwestern Algeria (1039mb) and over the Atlantic west of Portugal
(1038mb) near 40N/14W.
2)    A trough of low pressure lies just off the Moroccan coast from
Lanzarote to of Casablanca.
3)    Moderate E’ly winds persist across the Alboran Sea, but will very
gradually ease today from east to west.
4)    E’lies channel through Gibraltar and accelerate downwind of the strait
across the Gulf of Cadiz, to west of 10W. There is a solid band of
pressure the backs from E near Gibraltar to ENE near 10W. Lighter,
more left-shifted winds are found south of the accelerated breeze and
off the Moroccan coast. Winds are expected continue easing off the
Moroccan coast as winds veer more E/SE with the trough shifting slowly
00Z SUNDAY (04-JAN-2015):
1)    High pressure (1038mb) will be centered off the northwest Spanish
coast near 41N/13W.
2)    A trough of low pressure will be moving slowly east off the Moroccan
coast, through it will be weakening through Sunday.
3)    E’ly flow downwind of Gibraltar and across the Gulf of Cadiz will be
easing and backing ENE with time as the trough weakens. West of about
15W, there will be E veering SE flow around the western periphery of
the high pressure to the north.
4)    This E/ENE flow will be easing through the day as the trough lifts
northwest and eases. A light S’ly flow will spread north along the
Moroccan coast to cross the western approaches of Gibraltar.
5)    Further south, there is an E/SE flow out of northern Africa and across
the Canary Island. Winds will be fresh, covering a large area south of
31N down to 25N. The exception is areas northeast of Lanzarote where
the trough is keeping winds lighter.
00Z MONDAY (05-JAN-2015):
1)    A trough of low pressure extends from about Lanzarote north to the
Gulf of Cadiz. There will be a weak low pressure (1030mb) circulation
embedded with the trough off Casablanca.
2)    High pressure (1032mb) will move to north of Madeira near 37N/17W.
3)    Light N’lies between the high and Casablanca low.
4)    The E/SE flow across the Canary Island will be easing.
00Z TUESDAY (06-JAN-2015):
1)    Big changes as the trade winds start to re-establish north of the
Canary Islands.
2)    High pressure (1031mb) will be north of Madeira near 35N/16W.
3)    The weak coastal trough that was off Morocco will shift inland and
4)    N/NE winds will be develop around the southeastern quadrant of the
high to the Moroccan coast.
5)    The zone of ESE/E winds across the Canary Islands will back to the NE.
General Forecast along race route
*** SATURDAY (03-JAN-2015) ***
>>> ALBORAN SEA: Generally E 10-15, except possible stronger 15-20 closer
to Gibraltar. Winds easing over the eastern and central sections through
the day, becoming 5-10. Lighter near the Spanish coast, especially
afternoon where light thermal sea breeze are possible.
>>> GIBRALTAR: E 15-20 in the east, increasing to 20-25 with in an
acceleration zone with 30 possible out of the western Strait. During the
afternoon and into the evening, a slow easing trend with winds diminishing
13-17 gusting 20-25 possible.
>>> GULF OF CADIZ (North of 35N and East of 10W): ENE/E 20-30 downwind of
Gibraltar. Lighter winds north along the Spanish coast and much lighter
south of Larache on the Morrocan coast. The acceleration zone will continue
all the way west to 10W, easing to ENE/NE 15-20 in the west.
>>> MOROCCAN COAST (30N to 35N and east of 10W): E/NE 10-15, easing NE/N 7-
13, becoming mostly light and variable.
SEAS: 0.5-1m. Rougher in the Gibraltar Strait where and when wind opposes
tide. In the Gulf of Cadiz, waves up to 2-3 in the acceleration zone,
decreasing to 1m outside the zone toward the Spanish coast and the Moroccan
WEATHER: Clouds decreasing around Gibraltar. Fine conditions elsewhere with
no areas of significant showers or rain.
*** SUNDAY (04-JAN-2015) ***
>>> GIBRALTAR: E 15-20 early morning, easing quickly through the morning
and possible becoming SW/W 5-10 in the afternoon/evening.
>>> GULF OF CADIZ (North of 35N and East of 10W): In the early morning,
continued NE/E accelerated flow downwind of Gibraltar 20-25 knots close to
the strait easing to 15-20 with distance west. However, rapidly easing in
the afternoon with a light S’ly 5-10 filling up from the off the Moroccan
coast into the Gulf.
>>> MOROCCAN COAST (30N to 35N and East of 10W): Becoming light and
variable before a S/SW fill 5-10 afternoon through evening north of 33N.
Light and variable winds hold south of 33N.
>>> OPEN ATLANTIC (10W to 15W and North of 28N): E/ENE 10-15 becoming light
and variable before a general N/NW flow develops 5-10 after sunset.
SEAS: 1-2m downwind of Gibraltar subsiding. Elsewhere generally 1m or less.
WEATHER: Mainly fine. No areas of significant showers or rain.
*** MONDAY (05-JAN-2015) ***
>>> GIBRALTAR: Variable to W 3-8.
>>> GULF OF CADIZ (North of 35N and East of 10W): S 5-10 becoming NW 10-15
near 10W decreasing W 5-10 7W. Lighter close to Gibraltar.
>>> MOROCCAN COAST (30N to 35N and East of 10W): S 5-10 becoming NW 10-15
near 10W decreasing NW/W 5-10 near the Moroccan coast.
>>> OPEN ATLANTIC (10W to 15W and north of 28N): NW 5-10 tending NW/N 10-15
and possibly 15-20.
>>> CANARY ISLAND (African coast to 20W and 25N to 30N): SE/E 15-20 rapidly
easing 10-15 tending E/NE. Lighter downwind (west) of the Canary Islands.
>>> OPEN ATLANTIC (20W to 25W and 25N to 30N): Light downwind
(west/northwest) of the Canary Islands. Otherwise, E 13-18 tending NE.
SEAS: Generally 1m or less close to African coast. Elsewhere, 1-2m.
WEATHER: Clouds decreasing around Gibraltar. Fine conditions elsewhere with
no significant areas of showers or rain.